The Weekly 3, 2, One (3 Questions, 2 Quotes, and One Last Thought)

Marc W. Crayton
Feb 27, 2024

3 Courage Questions

  1. Will a small investment in courage increase your ROI?
  2. Does courage give you a renewed sense of purpose?
  3. What helps you unlock your courage?


Tell me, what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?-Mary Oliver

I got to this stage by being myself, and I should keep doing that.”-Naomi Osaka

One Last Thought

We can dwell on the past, or we can worry about the future, or we can put our focus and energy into the present moment, right here, right now. We can not change the past nor can we control the future. Be present in this moment.

Forward, always!



Marc W. Crayton

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