The Weekly 3, 2, One (3 Questions, 2 Quotes, and One Last Thought)

Marc W. Crayton
May 22, 2024


3 Loving/Caring Questions

  1. How are you showing your belief in people?
  2. Are you being tender and caring with those you love?
  3. What can you do to have a positive impact on someone?


We endure by taking it one step at a time, by making space for suffering and joy to coexist, and with the help of others.”-Kelly McGonigal

Human beings are the only creatures that can decide to be different than they were yesterday.’”-Greg Hardin

One Last Thought!

Let’s share our laughter, joy, love, and caring with others. Make someone smile, make someone laugh, make someone feel special.

Forward, always!



Marc W. Crayton

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